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Xmas Eve: Consumer Origami

dog LH christmas eve 3

Merry Christmas Eve! Why do we wrap Christmas gifts? Should pets get presents? Paul thinks so. The gift-guilt has subsided since last night, and I’m feeling the merriness of Christmas consumerism, or cat-sumerism, in our case. Early this evening, Paul spent an hour plus measuring paper, folding corners, and curling shiny ribbons so that...

Eve of Christmas Eve

gift giving

What makes the holidays so guilt-inducing? I was eating a sushi dinner with two of my favorite peeps in the entire universe, my sister Liz and brother Kit, when the Eve of Christmas Eve guilt took hold. With salmon roe grasped between my chopsticks, I questioned my siblings about the gifts they got for family members. My heart sunk when my sister...

Would you rather…

unrequited love

    …love someone who never loves you back or never fall in love? …love someone who never loves you back or never fall in love? Better to love even if s/he’s oblivious to my awesome-ness. I’d rather walk this world alone. Who wants to pine over some pissant? free polls