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About Q30

QuestionThirty is lifestyle blog for you and your funniest and coolest, most artistic and intelligent, badass Internet friends to ask and answer life’s pressing questions. Join us!

When I had cancer, I had a lot of time on my hands between trips to the toilet to projectile vom. I was a late twenties troglodyte who wished for a website to direct me to the hippest literary, news, gossip, fashion, food, and cancer blogs. I wanted to discuss the epiphanies and big questions I had as I faced my mortality.

QuestionThirty is the awesome website I had imagined. Q30 answers where on the Interwebs you’ll find the deepest, coolest, trending-est stories, and lets us thirty-somethings and friends discuss life’s pressing questions in my search for truth, meaning, and awesome-ness. How will I know when I’ve found the right man to marry? Where should I take grandma for DC brunch? What’s a Cleveland Steamer? I’m always looking for answers.

Each circle on the Q30 front page is a new post from my Blog, Q&A, or Web Where. Whenever I add content, a new circle appears. Browse the menu to find categorized content.

On QuestionThirty, we can ask and answer each other’s questions in several ways…

On my Blog, read daily questions and subsequent musings. I always start with a question, and I’m not afraid to go deep or to describe my daily enema routine. Add your input in the ‘comments.’

The Q&A menu houses three ways to wonder ‘WTF?!’:

  • Essential Questions have no easy answers. What is the point of life? Where do all the socks go after laundry day? Every month, we’ll explore a new theme in our EQa. Feel free to take a stab at ’em or to ask your own EQ.
  • Would You Rather questions are fun and thought-provoking, or super annoying if you’re in my family and have heard a million of them on our road trips to grandma’s house. You can vote on answers, and then use the WYR’s on your next OkCupid date. Try my favorite awkward silence breaker: Would you rather have wings or a tail? See how the conversation flows, you chicken-winged freak!
  • COMING SOON: Ask A Cat Lady lets you put it all out there. Do you wonder when to say ‘I love you’ to your beau? Are you thinking of sleeping with your balding boss? I will answer your pressing questions. Remember that you follow my advice at your own risk, and you might end up owning fourteen fluffy kittens.

Web Where points you to some informative, funny, chic, and overall fabulous websites that will give you some insight and inspiration. Want to know how to layer like a ballsy bohemian or a homeless hipster? Want to tell cancer to go fuck itself? Find my favorite websites under the Web Where menu.

You can read more About Me, or ask me to write stuff for fame or fortune at lauren(at)laurensczudlo(dot)com.

You probably won’t leave QuestionThirty with all the answers, and might even find yourself asking more questions. Great! The most interesting, intelligent bffs, teachers, leaders, and cat ladies and gentlemen ask a lot of questions.


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