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INTRO: Project Learn-to-Live: my quest to live a fuller life after cancer

Me, Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center. Getting ready for a stem cell transplant.

Technically, I’m alive but am I really living? THE INTRODUCTION SECTION Three years after my initial cancer diagnosis, my life isn’t all sequined butterflies, unicorns farting rainbows, and discount sashimi. Menopausal sweats, cat hair, naps, and a sink clogged by Fancy Feast fish chunks fill my days. I’m often too tired and in too...

When Someone You Love Gets Sick

Dr. Ross, save my career next. I'll be a classier beard than Stacy Kiebler.

My mom might be sick. Why am I calm? My mom called yesterday afternoon in the midst of long, lazy polar vortex snow day spent with Poofy Face, Stinkatron, and Paul, to tell me she’d had her follow-up with a breast cancer specialist. Although the gyno and radiologist said she could wait six months to see if the new mass grows, the oncologist...

“Girls” Gives TV Critics Sandy Vaj

girls hannah marnie jessa

 Why should we watch the dislikable”Girls”? I dragged my body weight in emotional baggage to New York City in the fall 2005, along with two giant suitcases stuffed full of H&M baby-tees. With fresh wounds weeping after a break-up with my college sweetheart, I hunted for an affordable apartment in a neighborhood with artistic...